Jurgita Bickevic
I live in Oxford and I love beauty! I have been working in this industry for over 17 years. I first started as a receptionist and was later promoted and became a manager of the beauty salon. I was very passionate about nails and was always admiring the nail designs my colleagues were creating - that's what was making me look forward to going to work every morning. This great experience encouraged me to become a nail technician myself.( In fact I can proudly say that I have gained a Nail Technician Qualification in two countries - Lithuania and the United Kingdom. I have great experience in working under different beauty requirements and standards.) Shortly after becoming fully qualified in manicure, pedicure, gel polish and gel nail enhancements, I started my own business. In the same time as my new role and business development, I managed to graduate university and gained a Master degree in teaching. That's how I discovered my second passion - teaching. I believe that knowledge and development is the best key to success. In the course of 12 years I attended a great amount of different nail training courses in different countries. I am always checking for something new, something interesting, inspiring and up to date. Once I moved to the UK in 2015 from Lithuania- my home country, I had to get my Nail Technician Qualification again as my previous was not recognised here. So in 2016 I received a VTCT Level 2 Certificate in Nail Technology and my journey as a UK Nail Technician started. I had a dream to combine my two passions: Nails and teaching so to make sure that I could teach in the UK I also completed TQUK Level 3 training in Assessing Vocational Achievements. In March 2019 me and my work partner started a beauty business together and we opened a beauty salon in Oxford. Our salon provides a big variety of different beauty treatments and training. Like all new nail technicians do, I was trying lots of different nail products brands, until I found Crystal Nails. Then I stopped! I loved the quality and professionalism. Crystal Nails offered me a wonderful opportunity to become an educator and I excitedly took it. It felt like my dream to combine my two passions finally came true! I am a very hard working, responsible, creative Nail technician. But most of all I am a perfectionist. That's why I like Crystal Nails the most, as they set very high standards of training and product quality. So in 2019 I became a Crystal Nails UK educator. I am so excited to share my knowledge with my students. I had previous experience to provide training for Nail Technicians with VTCT so I think it is a great addition to my teaching experience. I think I will never stop loving doing nails and making my lovely customers happy. I do have a feeling that I am just at the beginning of something great as I have big goals for my professional life.