3S78 Crystalac White


Extreme durability and vibrant colours in 3 steps Creamy consistency; flexible; soak-off gel polish.

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As durable as colour gels as easy to apply as lacquer. Cures perfectly in a UV or LED lamp. No scratches or shrinking as in the case of regular nail polish. Unique Polyhybrid formula provides durability and outstanding coverage. Highly pigmented colours. Contains nail polish which makes it easy to apply; while its gel content allows the material to cure in 2-3 minutes. The flat brush adjusts beautifully to the arch of the nail plate ensuring precise and even application. The matching coloured bottle is aesthetically pleasing and spruces up your salon also makes it easier for your clients to choose a colourway. Use it on natural nails. As 3 Step CrystaLacs are non-hardening use Easy Off Hardener Gel for extra support when applying them onto weak neals. Use Clear 0/Top Crystalac or Easy Off Top Gel to seal 3 Step Crystalacs. The longevity of these products is 2-3 weeks. Soak-off time is maximum 10 minutes depending on the thickness of the gel polish and the strength of the solvent liquid. LED/UV SYSTEM. Some colourways cure tack-free. To achieve ultimate adhesion avoid over-curing prior to applying top shine or decorating.