Cover Refill Hard Gel 15ml


A more dense version of the new bestseller Cover Refill hard gel.

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The thicker version of Cover Refill Gel with its colour resembling that of the most popular Cover Pink. Less pigmented, thus it creates a beautiful fading gradient at the cuticle area while covering in a thicker layer along the smile line. The multifaceted gel you can use for full-thickness refills, as a builder gel to build the structure of the nail bed area atop a layer of regular Cover Pink, or to sculpt the entire nail enhancement.
For optimal adhesion, applying a layer of Builder Base Gel or Universal Base Gel is highly recommended. Apply it with a softer brush: Gel 6, Xtreme Gel, or Nero Merlot II. Pinch time in a UV lamp is 30-35 seconds, in a LED lamp 20-25 seconds. Full cure time in a UV lamp is 2-3 minutes, in a LED lamp 1-2 minutes. LED/UV SYSTEM.