Salon training

Special Training Package

Ever wanted to attend a course but travel constraints got in the way? Have you found it impossible to pay for course fees, travel and accommodation?

Or perhaps you own a salon or venue and want to make a profit as a host?
If any of the above are true of you, then Master Nail Academy Hosting may be for you!

How Much Does Event Hosting Cost?

The cost depends on a number of things, including your reasons for hosting. If the purpose of the day for you is to sell tickets/spaces on the course you could make some great profits!

We offer a fluid pricing structure depending on:

  • The size of the group. (1-6, 7-12, 12+)
  • The distance from the trainer
  • What topics you want us to cover
  • Duration of event (e.g. one or two days)

The more days you need us and the bigger the group, the bigger the discount ‘per head’.

If you would like to discuss Salon Training, contact us here.

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